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Tessel It | Board game for children | Ideal for children of ages 4 and above | Explore the world of ShapesSparklebox Board Games

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Tessel-it is a fun and engaging magnetic game for children aged 4 and above. It helps children arrange shapes in a closely fitted manner to make objects and patterns. Tessel - it is designed to provide opportunities for structured and free play that help open the doors of imagination. Using the design cards, shapes, magnetic board and the challenge dice children can get creative and display it at the same time too!

It is a game that helps children explore the world of shapes in a fun and interesting manner. They not only understand shapes, but also use them to build beautiful patterns of varied levels using the magnetic tiles and board.

Skills enhanced: Visual Perception, Logical thinking, Math, Spatial Sense.

Defined outcomes: Helps children to understand the shapes, Build logical connections, Create different patterns using shapes.

List of the Materials included in the kit:

  • 60 Shapes tiles,
  • 1 Magnetic Board,
  • 60 Design Cards,
  • 1 Stand,
  • 2 reward sticker sheets,
  • 1 criteria sticker sheet,
  • 4 dice
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