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SparkleBox Math Learning Kit for Grade 6 | 20+ Fun Activities | For kids aged 11 and above

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Math Grade 6 kit

Includes Fun activities for Math Learning | Ideal gift for Math Enthusiast

Concepts such as addition & subtraction of integers, fractions, decimals, multiplication & division of decimals, HCF & LCM, algebra and geometry are covered in this kit

Our activities and games help the child understand and learn the concepts while enjoying the process. 


Math Learning Kit for Grade 6 provides an excellent learning opportunity to understand the concepts of the subject. The kit contains 1 Detailed Manual with Concept wise Outcomes and Instructions for Each Activity.

Each Concept is supported by a QR Code to understand with the help of a video explanation.

MATH HANDS ON LEARNING :- AGE: 11, 12, years and above

SKILL SETS: Comparison, Addition & Subtraction of decimals, Word problems on decimals and measurements.



Maths 1


Math Educational Toys & Kits to Make Mathematics Your Kid's Friend

Help Your Child Develop Excellent Math Skills - NURSERY TO GRADE 9


Maths 2


Sparklebox Math Kit is an ideal gift, learning tool and an introductory kit for all basic mathematical concepts.

What should be in a math kit?

A maths kit for kids consists of number sequence, bonds, place value, odd and even numbers with reading, comprehending, and combination skills. Sparklebox’s math kit for children comes with all of this and much more.

How do you make math activities fun?

To make math activities fun for students, parents can involve their kids and explain to them the importance of math activities for kids and how all these applications will help them in the future with a core subject like maths. Sparklebox’s math kit comes with a wide range of play and learning activities to boost up the critical thinking of the children.

How do I make my kids smarter in math?

Old toys are no more fun. If you want your kids to become smarter in maths, introduce them to education kits and math activities for kids. Math activity is important for a kid in the growing years, as we all know how important math is. It is better to start early with Sparklebox’s math activity kits and toys.


Maths 3 Maths 4


Maths 5






List of the concepts covered in the kit:

  • Addition and subtraction of integers using integer counters
  • Representation and comparison of decimals using decimal blocks
  • Addition and subtraction of decimals using decimal blocks
  • Multiplication and division of decimals using decimal blocks
  • Factors, Multiples, HCF and LCM using Cuisenaire strips
  • Addition and subtraction of unlike fractions using Cuisenaire strips
  • Representation of algebra tiles
  • Finding the value of a variable using algebra tiles
  • Balancing algebraic equations using algebra tiles
  • Angles and types of angles using geometry kit
  • Triangles and types of triangles using geometry kit

What will you get in the kit? 

  • 50 integer counters
  • Base 1- 20 each, Base 10 – 20 Each, Base 100- 5 each Decimal Blocks
  • 3 Sets Cuisenaire Strips
  • Constant 30, X2 10, X: 20: Algebra Tiles
  • 3 Sets of Geometry Kits
  • 1 Integer Chart
  • 3 Sets of Number and Sign Boards
  • 1 item Number of the day template
  • 1 item, plan your living room template
  • 1 item Good home café template
  • 1 item data handling template
  • 1 item, do you have a money template
  • 1 item, geometry city template
  • 1 item, roll to solve template
  • 10 of each color and 1 booklet: 40 Card Mathy Cards answer booklet and score sheet
  • 1 item Marker with Eraser
  • 2 Dice & 4 game pieces
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