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Math Learning kit for Nursery | Ideal for child age 4 and above | SparkleBox

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Math Learning kit for Nursery

Is the perfect fit for a young child learning about concepts such as counting & comparing numbers, number bonds, even-odd, addition, identifying patterns, shapes and sorting them by color & shapes.

The fun and innovative activities are designed by expert educators. They aim to develop the young child’s motor and cognitive skills. 


Math Learning kit for Nursery includes learning tools to practice every math concept like counting numbers, number bonds, even and odd numbers, comparing numbers, addition, identify patterns, identify shapes, sorting by color, and shapes.

The kit also contains a detailed Manual with Concept wise Outcomes and Instructions for Each Activity. Each Concept is supported by a QR Code to understand with the help of a video explanation.


Maths 1


Math Educational Toys & Kits to Make Mathematics Your Kid's Friend

Help Your Child Develop Excellent Math Skills - NURSERY TO GRADE 9



Maths 2

Sparklebox Math Kit is an ideal gift, learning tool and an introductory kit for all basic mathematical concepts.

What should be in a math kit?

A maths kit for kids consists of number sequence, bonds, place value, odd and even numbers with reading, comprehending, and combination skills. Sparklebox’s math kit for children comes with all of this and much more.

How do you make math activities fun?

To make math activities fun for students, parents can involve their kids and explain to them the importance of math activities for kids and how all these applications will help them in the future with a core subject like maths. Sparklebox’s math kit comes with a wide range of play and learning activities to boost up the critical thinking of the children.

How do I make my kids smarter in math?

Old toys are no more fun. If you want your kids to become smarter in maths, introduce them to education kits and math activities for kids. Math activity is important for a kid in the growing years, as we all know how important math is. It is better to start early with Sparklebox’s math activity kits and toys.


Maths 3


Maths 4


Maths 5



Concepts covered in the kit:

  • Counting numbers
  • Number bonds
  • Even and odd numbers
  • Comparing numbers
  • Addition.

Materials included in the kit:

  • 1 Set of Numicons
  • 1 Set Cuisenaire Strips
  • 2 items, tens frames
  • 2 sets number and sign cards
  • 1 item, color & ones spinner
  • 1 item each shape cards
  • 20 items, base one blocks
  • 1 item, shape of the day template
  • 1 item, number sense template
  • 1 item, number of the day template
  • 1 item, who has more template
  • 1 item, color race template
  • 1 item, market with eraser
  • 20 items counters

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