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Smartphone Controlled Robot | Ideal for Age 10 years and Above | SparkleBox

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Grade: Grade 5
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Smartphone Controlled Robot will Immerse children in the realm of robotics and learn how to build your own robot. It makes them happy and proud of their amazing robots, and it helps them enhance their academic performance and self-esteem. As a result, children become fascinated with STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) Learning addon with robotics and circuits.
The kit includes all of the sensors and actuators necessary to execute the experiments. Inside the box is a detailed manual that will assist you in learning the fundamentals of robotics. Circuit schematics, step-by-step photographs, and videos in the form of QR codes are also included in the manuals to aid with the assembly of the kits.

How it Works?
As the Bluetooth Module is connected in its range of operations it will collect commands wirelessly from the smartphone and operate accordingly. Here the Controlling is done by the Joystick commands and Gesture controlling commands for the Robots.

Defined outcomes:

  • Learning on the HC05 Bluetooth Module Operation.
  • Application Controlling and Combining.
  • Arduino Programming.
  • Audio Controlling and Joystick commanding.
  • Understanding the Text to Speech commands in motion building Robots.
  • Critical and Analytical Thinking with developed Motor Skills.
  • Assembling the Mechanical and Electronic Component

List of activities included in the kit:

  • Print Hello world
  • Blinking of LED
  • Testing of the Bluetooth module
  • Testing motors & motor driver module
  • Build a joystick controlled robot

List of Materials included in the kit:

  • MDF Chassis Board 1
  • Flat Allen Nut & Bolts- (M3 x 30) 5
  • Flat Head Allen Nut & Bolts- (M3 x 12) 12
  • Flat Head Allen Bolts- (M3 x 6) 5
  • Steel Hex Spacers (F-F)- M3, 20MM 2
  • BO Wheels 2
  • Castor Wheel(2 Hole) 1
  • BO DC Motor 2
  • Jumper cables (Male-Male) 5
  • Jumper cables (Male-Female) 15
  • 4xAA Cell Battery holder 1
  • AA Battery – (1.5V) 4
  • Screwdriver(100 MM) 1
  • Allen Key (2 MM) 1
  • Double sided tape 4
  • Bluetooth module 1
  • Arduino Uno (DIP) 1
  • Arduino Uno Cable 1
  • L293D Motor Driver 1
  • Visual Check List(Smartphone Controlled Robot Sticker) 1

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