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SparkleBox STEM Learning Quad Sparkle Bot for Kids Age 10+ years

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Grade: Grade 5
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Quad sparkle bot is the most intriguing kit for Sparklebox team. It’s a combination of four amazing robots (Human following, Line following, Fire detection & Edge avoiding using IR).

The kit includes all of the sensors and actuators necessary to execute the experiments. Inside the box is a detailed manual that will assist you in learning the fundamentals of robotics. Circuit schematics, step-by-step photographs, and videos in the form of QR codes are also included in the manuals to aid with the assembly of the kits

The use of Infrared sensors and motor drivers will provide a fantastic learning experience for children. It helps students improve their academic performance and self-esteem by making them pleased and proud of their fantastic robots. As a result, technology, electronics, robots, and circuits attract children.

Defined Outcomes:

  1. Child will be learning 4 different codes for the specific operations
  2. Arduino Programming.
  3. Safety measures and practical applications of the robot avoiding the drop of robot from table.
  4. Motion building Robots.
  5. Critical and Analytical Thinking with developed Motor Skills.
  6. Assembling the Mechanical and Electronic Components

 Note: There is no need for soldering or alterations, and all of the components have been thoroughly tested for straight assembly.

List of Activities included in the kit:

  1. Blinking of LED
  2. Testing of the IR sensor
  3. Testing of the flame sensor
  4. Testing motors & motor driver module
  5. Build a human following robot
  6. Build a line following robot
  7. Build an edge avoiding robot using IR
  8. Fire detecting robot

List of Materials included in the kit:

  • (M3 x 12)
  • Flat Head Allen Bolts- (M3 x 6)
  • Steel Hex Spacers (F-F)- M3, 20MM
  • BO Wheels
  • Castor Wheel (2 Hole)
  • BO DC Motor
  • Jumper cables (Male-Male)
  • Jumper cables (Male-Female)
  • 4xAA Cell Battery holder
  • AA Battery – (1.5V)
  • Screwdriver (100 MM)
  • Allen Key (2 MM)
  • Double sided tape
  • LED (RED)
  • IR Sensor
  • Flame sensor
  • Arduino Uno (DIP)
  • Arduino Uno Cable
  • L293D Motor Driver
  • Manual
  • Visual Check List (Quad Sparkle Bots Sticker)

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