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SparkleBox STEM Learning NEOBOT for Kids Aged 10+ years

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The Neobot developed by the Sparklebox team is the most unique kit we've ever designed. It's a mash-up of robotics kits from the Sparklebox ecosystem. Immerse yourself in the field of robotics to learn how to build your own robot.

Neobot is a DIY robotics kit for kids that allows them to combine simple components to create a fascinating product. Children will benefit greatly from the usage of infrared sensors, motor drivers, ultrasonic sensors, flame sensors, and LDR sensors. It improves students' academic performance and self-esteem by making them happy and proud of their amazing robots. As a result, children are drawn to technology, electronics, robotics, and circuits.

Defined Outcomes:

  1. Combination of all the bots in one kit - Multiple programming in one kit
  2. Arduino Programming.
  3. Safety measures and practical applications of the robot avoiding the drop of the robot from the table.
  4. Motion building Robots.
  5. Critical and Analytical Thinking with developed Motor Skills.
  6. Assembling the Mechanical and Electronic Components


List of activities included in the kit:

  1. Print Hello World
  2. LED Blinking
  3. Interfacing IR Sensor with Arduino
  4. Interfacing Flame Sensor with Arduino
  5. Interfacing Light Sensor with Arduino
  6. Interfacing Ultrasonic Sensor with Arduino
  7. Interfacing Servo with Arduino
  8. Interfacing to the Bluetooth with Arduino
  9. Build a Motion Robot
  10. Build a Human Following Robot
  11. Build a Line Following Robot
  12. Build an Edge Avoiding Robot using IR sensor
  13. Build a Fire Detecting Robot
  14. Build a Light Following Robot
  15. Build an Obstacle Avoiding Robot
  16. Build an Edge Avoiding Robot using Ultrasonic sensor
  17. Build a Maze Solving Robot
  18. Joystick Control Robot

List of the materials included in the kit:

  • BO DC Motor
  • Jumper cables (Male-Male)
  • Jumper cables (Male-Female)
  • 6xAA Cell Battery holder
  • AA Battery – (1.5V)
  • Screwdriver (100 MM)
  • Allen Key (2 MM)
  • LED (RED)
  • IR Sensor
  • Flame sensor
  • LDR Sensor
  • Ultrasonic Sensor
  • Bluetooth
  • Servo
  • Arduino Uno (DIP)
  • Arduino Uno Cable
  • L293D Motor Driver
  • Manual
  • Thank You Card with QR code
  • Visual Check List (Neobot Sticker)
  • Foam Filler
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