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Literacy Kit combo | Literacy kit for Grade Nursery and STEAM Stack Level 1 - Tangerine Series | Phonics activities | Ideal for Children Aged 3 and above |

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IDEAL FOR TODDLERS OF AGE 2-3: Develop vocabulary, develop and enhance hand-eye coordination, develop fine motor skills.

AMAZING LITERATURE LEARNING PRODUCTS INSIDE: Each product will help develop and strengthen a different basic English language reading skill.

IDEAL GIFT FOR AGE 1-2 YEARS: A very brilliant gift idea for your loved ones

WHAT THE KIT ENABLES YOUR CHIL TO DO: Revise short vowels, initial and final consonant blends, digraphs, long vowel words in a fun way.

SKILL STS: Identifications of letters, the association of letter to letter sounds using images, tracing letter shapes, alphabet beginning sound, Reading and Speaking skills, Problem solving, Numeracy Skills, General Knowledge, Fine motor skills

This exciting combo includes STEAM stack kit and Literacy kit for Nuresery students. Literacy kit includes hands-on activities to lay a strong foundation and introduce your child to the English alphabets.4 Amazing Learning products inside. The 'S.T.E.A.M Stack' includes different subjects that work together to help children understand the world around them  Each product will help develop a different introductory skill in the English Alphabet. Ideal gift for age 2 to 3 years.

Child safe product, designed by Early Child Education Experts (ECE experts). Each item in this kit is of great quality, 100% non-toxic, and child safe. As 90% of a child’s brain is developed within the first 5 years, this early introduction to the English alphabet is a very good starting tool to provide optimum learning during these formative years. This kit will enable parents to spend quality time with their children as they learn and play together

Each storybook targets one S.T.E.A.M concept. Through the experience of the protagonist, the child is able to understand complex concepts in a fun & easy manner! At the end of the story, the reader is given an activity that helps them explore and justify the facts in their own small way. The books have a bold print and simple language that encourages the habit of reading. The colourful & interactive illustrations help pique the child's interest in the stories and make them more relatable

Learning outcomes:

    • Recognize letters and their sounds

    • Associate letter and its picture

    • Develop fine motor skills

    • Enhance hand-eye coordination

    • Help students in letter formation

    • Develop vocabulary

    • Help identifying letter and their beginning sounds

    • Understand a part of the whole and connecting the same

Activities included:

    • Playdough mat

    • Alphabet beginning sound

    • Alphabet puzzle

    • Find the other half


Activities included:

  • Playdough mat
  • Alphabet beginning sound
  • Alphabet puzzle
  • Fin
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