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Kidsy Winsy My Dream Underwater World- DIY Make Your Own Ocean | All-in-1 Bumper Paper Craft Kit & Themed Activity Pack | Great Gift for Kids Aged 4-12 Years

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Product description
Make My Own Ocean:
I am a fish and a shell or an octopus or a jelly fish or
the deep blue water hundreds of metres deep! The
marine life that is so exciting but I know so little
about it. Until now that is!! Give children a fun and
creative way to learn about the underwater world!
They can paint and paste the marine animals to
create their own special underwater world in their
room. Let your kid feel the joy of creation and show
off their personal ocean with pride with this
themed DIY Craft Kit from KidsyWinsy! This
immersive activity pack includes all the materials
needed to keep children creatively engaged for
days, preserve and showcase their imagination
while improving their fine motor skills and
enhancing their creative thinking! Great for
decorating and creating that special corner inside
their room or living area and for special unique gifting for birthdays, return gifts etc.

About this item

LEARNING MADE FUN - The worlds of Oceans, Marine Life
and DIY Paper Crafting are fascinating ones for kids. While
these worlds combined guarantee that children will have
lots of fun, this kit teaches them about many different
underwater animals, fish, coral reefs and other fascinating
things about the ocean. This activity also improves
concentration, fine motor skills, creative thinking and
boosts confidence and personality development!

UNLIMITED CREATIVITY - Let your kid cut, craft and create
in their own unique way! This kit includes step-by-step
easy to follow instructions on how to make the underwater
world. Once the ocean is made, kids can accessorize and
decorate the dream world in their own unique way with
the wide variety of accessories and crafting materials
included in the kit! And when it comes to giving their
parents a sneak peek into their Underwater World, kids
can let their imaginations run wild!

LESSER SCREEN TIME - This activity kit is a great way to
keep children away from their TV and phone screens while
keeping them engrossed, engaged and learning for days. It
also gives parents a great opportunity to spend quality
time with their kids, bond over these crafting activities and
watch their kids learn and grow!

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