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SparkleBox STEM Learning IoT Starter kit Ideal for kids of age 12+ years

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Grade: Grade 7
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IoT stands for Internet of Things, and the IoT starter kit is one of the most well-received kits ever. We use so many smart devices in our daily lives that there are several items that can be managed directly from the smartphone.

Using the IoT starter kit, you’ll be able to control LEDs with the ESP 32 using the Bynk app. Smart door locks, smart parking systems, monitoring room temperature/humidity, and many other activities are among them.

The IoT starting kit lays the groundwork for introducing the Internet of Things and its applications. It’s intended to make some everyday tasks easier. Try out this incredible Kit to get firsthand experience with the Internet of Things.

  • Activity 1: Controlling LED 
  • Activity 2: Smart Door Lock
  • Activity 3: Smart Intruder Alert System
  • Activity 4: Smart Parking System 
  • Activity 5: Monitor Room Temperature and Humidity
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