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Funvention Da Vinci Chariot | Build Your Working Mechanical Model | 8+ Years

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Key Development Areas:
Science Exploration
Cognitive Development
Creativity & Imagination
Fine Motor
Hand Eye Coordination
logical Reasoning
Organized and Structuring

In-house designed and developed most unique product - "Da Vinci Chariot" inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci's "Scythed Chariot". Children's can build this mechanical model with the help of detailed easy to understand step-by-step instruction manual. While building this innovative working model, kids can also learn basics of gears and how multiple gears works in combination to form a Gear Box along with real life examples of how effectively geared mechanism has simplified our life in day to day life. All this information is provided as learning material with fun way.

This kit contain environment friendly parts, detailed easy to understand step-by-step instruction manual, colors and learning material which provides basic knowledge of gears and mechanical working principle of the Chariot.

It's a great STEM educational DIY toy for kids and a very good option to gift or return gift on the occasion of birthday or at children's small events.
Made in India with lots of Creativity, Care & Love.

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