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SparkleBox STEM Accredited Arduino Pro kit for kids aged 10+ years

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Arduino Pro kit encourages children to get away from their screens and engages them in activities and games with their robots. This kit is designed for kids above the age of 10. There is no need for soldering or alterations, and all of the components have been thoroughly tested for straight assembly.

STEM.org accredited 

Includes 11 activities | Ideal for children aged 10 and above

Skills Enhanced: Steam Exploration, Coding Skills, Problem Solving, Creativity And Innovation, Observation Skills, Logical Analysis, Sensor Interfacing With Controller Boards

Academic Integration:  Educational package for young explorers that is both engaging and entertaining, Motor skills, cognitive development, and logical thinking are all skills that can be developed

The Sparklebox team's most fascinating kit is the Arduino advance kit. Learn the fundamentals of Arduino programming and immerse yourself in the world of robotics. A children's DIY robotics kit that allows kids to connect simple components to learn the basics of Arduino. Children will enjoy a terrific learning experience thanks to the use of sound sensor, LCD display, LED DoT matrix, Resistors, Hex Keypad, Push Button,7 Segment display,RGB LEDs and Potentiometer. It helps kids improve their academic performance and self-esteem by making significant technological improvements.

The kit includes all of the sensors and actuators necessary to execute the experiments. Inside the box is a detailed manual that will assist you in learning the basics of Arduino. Circuit schematics, step-by-step photographs, and videos in the form of QR codes are also included in the manuals to aid with the assembly of the components.

  • List of Activities included in the Kit:

    1. Make your computer ready
    2. Control LED through Switch
    3. Multicolor LED (Mood Lamp)
    4. Control LED through Clap
    5. Display 0 to 9 numbers on Seven Segment Display(Counter)
    6. Print Sparklebox on LCD
    7. Print your Name, Age on LCD
    8. Print 0 to 9 numbers on LCD in pattern .
    9. Scroll your name on LCD from left to right
    10. Make your own Calculator
    11. Dancing LED
  • List of the Materials Included in the kit:

    • Arduino UNO (DIP) 1
    • Arduino Uno Cable 1
    • RGB LED (common anode) 2
    • Sound Sensor 1
    • Seven Segment Display 1
    • Breadboard (half) 1
    • Jumper wire(M-F) 10
    • Jumper Wires(M-M) 20
    • Screwdriver (Small) 1
    • Resistor (220 ohm) 5
    • LCD with I2C 1
    • LED Matrix(8×8) 1
    • Hex Keypad(4×4) 1
    • Pushbutton (4 pin) 2
    • AA Cells with battery holder
    • LED(Red) 4
    • Potentiometer(10K) 2
    • PVC Base (Arduino+Breadboard) 1
    • Double sided tape 5
    • Manual (Arduino Starter Kit) 1
    • Visual Check List (Arduino Starter Kit) 1
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