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How to retain your child's interest in STEM education

How to retain your child's interest in STEM education


Are you a working parent or a homemaker? Do you feel bored of the same routine you need to carry out every day, with minor or no changes? Does Your life feel bland?

Now imagine your child going through the same! Children have a shorter attention span, hence they get bored more easily! Now the real challenge for parents is to retain their interest in their education! 

Importance of STEM Education

Suggestions for retaining your child's interest in STEM education. 

It is no secret that many children lose interest in STEM education as they grow older. This is often attributed to the fact that these disciplines can be quite challenging and require a great deal of critical thinking. 

However, there are several ways that you can help your child retain their interest in STEM education. Here are some of those:

Exposure to new and exciting opportunities.

Repeating a task more than once bores us, elders, then imagine our kids doing the same studious routine daily. Hence, to keep them interested in their studies, we need to expose them to fresh and exciting new opportunities, where they can apply in practice what they have learned in theory.

Engaging and interactive learning experiences.

One of the main benefits of STEM education over traditional learning is teamwork and collaboration. When you are in the right group, your learning becomes more fun and interesting, keeping you hooked on the learning process.

Well-trained teachers.

Teachers are the face of subjects. Hence, it is important to check how well trained your kid's teachers are. They can either make their learning experiences memorable or horrible.

How to enhance the interest of your child in STEM Education

Get real.

STEM education goes way beyond traditional books and classes. Now isn't the era where you can expect your child to just cram everything in his text and go for exams. 

For retaining your kid's interest in STEM education, it is important to relate his theory with his day-to-day life experiences through hands-on activities or educational kits and toys.

For example, instead of giving him lessons on how sunlight is important for plant growth, let him experiment by placing a plant in the sun and another in a dark room and comparing their growth.

Inspire them with stories of leaders.

No, by leaders we don't mean the historians or the warriors. This is a technological world and everyone is somewhat addicted to technology. Utilize this for your benefit. Introduce your child to the stories of masterminds behind their gadgets, phones, tabs, or video games, and let them get inspired.

Extracurricular activities. 

Encourage your kids to pursue their interests outside of the classroom by participating in extracurricular activities like robotics clubs, coding classes, lab tours, STEM events, or exhibitions. By taking these steps, you can help your child maintain a lifelong love for STEM education.

Benefits and drawbacks of Switching from traditional learning to STEM education. 

While most of the present generation is taking up STEM education, there is a great portion that still follows traditional learning, and hence are somewhere lagging behind their fellow peers.

child's interest in STEM Education

It's not a rigid rule that once you start with traditional learning with all those boring classic books and classes, you have to continue it till the end of your learning! You can quite easily switch to STEM education and start gaining your interest in learning. As they say, "Better late than never!"

Benefits of STEM Education

There are several benefits of switching to STEM education from traditional learning. A few of them are:

More Engaging curriculum. 

The STEM curriculum is often more engaging than traditional coursework. This is because STEM classes focus on real-world applications and problem-solving, rather than memorization and repetitive exercises. As a result, students who transition to STEM education are often more engaged in their studies and perform better academically.

More challenging courses.

STEM courses also tend to be more challenging than traditional classes. This is because they often require students to think critically and solve complex problems. As a result, students who transition to STEM education often find that they are better prepared for the rigors of college and the workforce.

Gaining valuable skills.

STEM courses often incorporate technology and engineering principles. This allows students to gain valuable skills that they can use in their future careers. In addition, it gives them exposure to potential future employers. As a result, students who transition to STEM education often find that they have a leg up on the competition when it comes to finding jobs after graduation.

What is STEM?


While there are many advantages to pursuing STEM education, there are also some challenges that come along with it. 

Low on confidence.

Students who switch from traditional learning to STEM education may find that they are not as prepared for the rigors of STEM coursework as their peers who have been studying it since they were children, making them low in self-confidence.

Different teaching methodologies

Students who transition from STEM to traditional learning may struggle to adapt to the different teaching methods and assessment styles.


Students switching to STEM education may find it costlier than traditional class learning, which they might not be able to afford.

Ultimately, whether or not transitioning from traditional learning to STEM education is the right decision for a student depends on their individual needs and goals. However, for those who are interested in pursuing a career in a STEM field, making the switch can be an immensely rewarding experience.

Why STEM Education is important?

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