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Can Your Introverted Child Make It in Today's World?

Can Your Introverted Child Make It in Today's World?

What Is Meant by the Term “Introverted”?

In today's world, being an “Introverted” person is perceived in a negative way. But it is not. To understand why you don’t need to get worried about your kids being an introvert, you should first understand the meaning of the term. 

An introvert is not an inferior person, they concentrate more on themselves and their own thoughts rather than concentrating on others. So, basically they are more thoughtful than most extroverts.

Is your child an introvert or an extrovert?

How to Identify Whether Your Child Is an Introvert or an Extrovert?

When you have the question of whether your child is an introvert or an extrovert, you need to observe the behaviour of your child both at home and in public places. Some of the ways to identify an introverted child are:

How to treat an introvert child

  • Spending time alone
  • Your kid will most likely spend his/her time alone. They won’t seek any company to play with. They will play alone, mainly indoor activities like drawing, playing with puzzles and reading will interest them. When they play alone, they brainstorm solutions to their own problems. They hate to be involved in group activities. So, you can buy them some learning toys that will enhance their creative thinking skills.

  • Calm and composed
  • They never get worked up in whatever they do. They will take more time to decide on something as they need to analyse their inner thoughts. They won’t get influenced by others easily and remain calm and composed because the only person who can control them is themself. 

  • Value themselves
  • One of the most important and healthy signs of an introverted kid is that they value their feelings and thoughts before the feelings of others. For them, what they think is important. Is your child an introvert or an extrovert?  If you think about it, when your child is quiet and appreciates the well-being of himself more and is not interested in interacting with others, you can identify.

    How to Treat Your Introverted Kid?

    As said before, there is no need to worry if your child is an introvert. Every kid is different and they have their own ways to cope up with this world. All you need to do is respect their ways of perceiving this world. 

    This world expects everyone to work for what they want. Even at schools, they expect the kids to gather courage and answer in front of the whole classroom. This world needs participation. But as much as the world needs everyone to be expressive, it needs listeners to. 

    Make your introverted kids feel special about themselves  

    Your kid can be a good listener and observer, who can make a change in silence. So, treat them with kindness and they will feel confident about themselves. Never make them feel like being an introverted person is an inferior thing. 

    Ways to Bring Out the Best in Your Introverted Child 

    When you think about how to handle an introverted child, all you need to do first, as parents, to accept that your child is an introvert. When you accept it, you will never see their character as a flaw in their life. Every one of us needs time to sort out things. So, give them time. While letting them keep up their own pace, you can also help them to bring out the best in them.

  • Count their strengths instead of weaknesses
  • Make them realise that even if they are different from others, they have their strengths. They can enjoy the time alone. They give importance to themselves through which they can build self-trust. They don’t need to depend on others. 

  • Introduce them to learning toys
  • When your introverted kids are interested in indoor activities more than outdoor activities, you can introduce them to more educational and learning toys. As they are more concentrated than other kids, they will learn new things while having fun.

  • Give them the space they need
  • Respect their privacy. If they need space or time alone, let them have it. Do not force them to socialise with others. Let them speak whenever they want to, and let them have fun in their way.

  • Make them feel special
  • Even though the world treats introverted people as shy and inferior, you as a parent should encourage and appreciate them often, even when they do one small thing. This will make them feel special. And they will try to improve the areas in which they feel like they can excel.

    Give your introverted child all the time and space he needs


    If you have any doubts whether your introverted kid will make it in this world, we hope our blog has made it clear. Being an introvert is never a serious problem or an inferior thing, your kid can still shine brighter like the other kids. All you have to do is to accept them as the way they are and help them to bring out their best in this competitive world! 

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