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Toys for Older Kids: Are They a Good Way to Learn?

Toys for Older Kids: Are They a Good Way to Learn?

Learning through toys

Last evening might have been troublesome for you, with focusing on your younger child and the older one complaining about getting bored with his textbooks. 

You know your older child is supposed to study, but you cannot compel him to do so every waking hour of his time. He needs his playtime too! What about combining his playtime and study time? Ever thought about it?

Here, we are going to give you many ideas on choosing toys for older children which can serve both purposes!

a mother managing to play with her kids.

Are older children attracted to toys?

It is not just younger children who are attracted to toys – many older children enjoy playing with them too. Research has shown that children of all ages can benefit from playing with toys. 

Toys can be considered an everlasting attraction for children- irrespective of their age. The good news is, you can utilize this attraction as your aid for teaching them about almost anything and everything!

Examples of toys for 11+-year-old children

When it comes to choosing toys for older children, there are many factors that you need to consider. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing educational toys for older children:

  • Look for toys that focus on a specific subject area

If your child is interested in learning about a particular topic, look for a toy that will help them learn more about that subject. For example, if they are interested in dinosaurs, look for a toy that will teach them about the different types of dinosaurs, their habitats, and how they lived.

  • Choose interactive toys

The best educational toys for older children are those that they can interact with. Look for toys that have moving parts or that allow your child to input data o see how it affects the outcome. This will help keep them engaged and motivated to learn.

  • Check the age recommendations

When choosing educational toys for older children, be sure to check the age recommendations on the packaging. This will ensure that the toy is appropriate for their developmental level and that they will be able to get the most out of it.

  • Look for quality

When choosing any type of toy, be sure to look for quality. This is especially important when choosing educational toys for older children. 

You want to make sure that the toy is durable and will last for a long time. Be sure to read reviews online to get an idea of what other parents think about the toy before you make your purchase.

If you're looking for the perfect toy for an 11-year-old child, here are some great options:

1. Science Kits

Science kits are a great way for kids to learn about the world around them. They can learn about different concepts in science, such as how plants grow or how animals adapt to their environment.

2. Video Games

Video games are a great way to keep kids entertained while they learn. There are many educational video games available that can teach kids about different topics, such as math or history.

3. Building Toys

Building toys are a great way for kids to use their imaginations. They can build houses, castles, or even spaceships.

kids playing with building Toys.

4. Board Games

Board games are a great way for kids to spend time with family and friends. They can play classic games like Monopoly, and Scrabble or newer games like Settlers of Catan.

5. Sports

Sports are a great way for kids to stay active and healthy. They can play team sports or individual sports.

6. Interactive games.

Some of the best toys for 11+-year-olds are those that are interactive. These types of toys will get your child thinking and engaged in the learning process. Some examples of interactive toys include:

a group of kids playing with puzzles.


-Building blocks

-Educational games

-Robotics kits

7. Technology

Technology is an excellent way for kids to stay connected with the world around them. They can use computers, tablets, or phones.

parents teaching their kids usage of technology. 

Benefits of toys for older children

As children get older, they are increasingly able to understand and process more complex concepts. This is why educational toys can be such a great learning tool for older kids. With the right toy, your child can learn about everything from math and science to history and geography. And, because they are having fun while they are learning, they are more likely to retain the information they are learning.

There are many ways that you can use toys to help your older child learn. One of the great ways to use toys to help your older child learn is to use them as a reward for good behaviour. 

This will help your child to see that there is a positive consequence to their actions. Some examples of toys that can be used as rewards include:

  • Gift cards
  • Tickets to a show or event
  • Small toys or trinkets
  • Books
  • Educational DVDs
  • Puzzles
  • Building blocks or sets.

Some benefits of toy play for older children include:

  • Encouraging creativity and imagination
  • Helping with problem-solving skills
  • Improving hand-eye coordination
  • Enhancing spatial awareness
  • Teaching cause and effect

a girl and boy playing together.

So, if you have an older child who is showing an interest in toys, don’t hesitate to let them play. It could be just what they need to help them learn and grow!


The most important thing to remember when using toys for older children to learn is to have fun with them. Learning should be a fun and enjoyable experience for both you and your child. 

MY SPARKLEBOX is a platform that helps you enjoy choosing toys for your children. With various comparisons among the choices given and the features of each mentioned, it reduces your time researching toys and helps you get started with ordering toys!

So, make sure to choose toys you will enjoy and have fun with. Happy learning!

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